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Meet the Audio & Video Staff

The Audio/Video Crew

Blaine Stewart

Owner, Chief Sound Designer and Mixer – National Emmy Award nominee

Bio: Blaine was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He got his big break as an audio mixer on the Donnie & Marie Show in 1979. He then moved back to California in 1986 to continue his career for the next 25 years. He’s now back in Utah with his latest venture The Stewdio. Blaine is the father of 7 children and grandfather of 23 grandchildren and counting.

Two Truths and a Lie:

  1. Blaine is a licensed pilot
  2. Blaine is a licensed falconer
  3. Blaine plays about a dozen musical instruments

Sorry, they’re all true.


1955 – Born in Los Angeles

1975 – Goes to BYU and starts work as an audio mixer

1979 – Starts work as audio mixer on The Donnie & Marie Show

1986 – Moves back to California

1987 – Starts work at the largest post-production company in the world, AME, Inc, to design and build their new post-production facilities

1992 – Starts work for Fox Television Network

1993 – Moves to All Post Inc.(formerly AME, Inc.)

1995 – Moves to Framework Sound

1995 – Switched from analog to digital

2000 – Opens his own post-production facility Post Plus Sound and builds studios #14 and #15

2010 – Moves to Utah and opens his next post-production facility The Stewdio