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The Stewdio: Highest Quality Audio Services

Audio Post-Production

Mixing & Sound Design

Post-production audio is our bread and butter. Of our 30+ years experience, most of our work has been post-production audio mixing and sound design. We have extensive and celebrated experience producing audio for all aspects of television programming including: long and short form shows, comedy and music specials, on-air promos, movie trailers, documentaries, commercials, and interstitials, as well as audio for web content and movies.

We have provided and continue to provide audio services for virtually all of the major television networks as well as many cable networks.  It’s rare to find audio professionals with our vast experience who are as efficient and detail-oriented as we are. We pride ourselves in getting our work done quickly at the highest quality.  We save you time, which saves you money while providing you with the  highest standards of professionalism.

We can produce audio in all of the popular formats: Stereo, Mono, LCR, LCRS, 5.0, 5.1, and more.

We use Pro Tools HD3 9.0 systems with an extensive library of Waves and Dolby plug-ins.

We have 130,000+ sound effects in our extensive library which is easily searched using our Soundminer media librarian.

Voiceover and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

We have voice-over facilities at The Stewdio for local voice talent to record in studio or we offer remote recording options:

ISDN – a phone line service that allows voice actors to actually be recorded “live” in a remote studio at full quality in real-time to or from anywhere in the world.  (We are only one of two audio facilities that offer ISDN in Utah.)

Source-Connect – a Pro Tools plug-in that allows voice actors to actually be recorded “live” in a remote studio at full quality over the internet to or from anywhere in the world..  (Also a rarity in Utah.)

ADR, also known as looping, is when an actor/actress re-records lines for movies or TV shows in the studio. This type of work is necessary when dialogue has been poorly recorded or has excess outside noise. We have recorded ADR for many Paramount and MGM movies involving actors such as Ed Harris.

We also have a Cedar DNS3000 dialogue restoration unit.  The “Cedar box” is a digital dialogue repair device that we use extensively on reality TV show dialogue.  Because of the nature of reality show shooting, they are notorious for having poor dialogue quality.

We offer Foley for both television and film productions. Essentially, we can take a production with minimal sound outside of the dialogue, and add selective audio elements to make the production sound true to life.  See our audio demos.

For large file transfer of OMF’s, AAF’s, and MOV’s, etc. we provide an FTP Site.

Our audio services demo DVD is available upon request.