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Stewdio — post production audio editing

The Stewdio specializes in digital audio/video production and post-production. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and serve clients from all over the world. With over 30 years experience, we provide exceptional work in professional video and audio production. Our work has been nominated for national Emmy Awards for sound design and audio mixing. We have worked on numerous national Emmy winning productions. We have also won several Promax Awards for our work in on-air Promotions.

Our audio product experience includes television, film, radio, music, live sound and theatrical projects. Our expertise ranges from the 70’s “Donnie and Marie Show” to the Special DVD release of “Forrest Gump” and “Tomb Raider” to Showtime’s “Fat Actress.” The video to the right showcases some of our work. And of course, the video was edited and mixed by The Stewdio. Check out our Client & Project List.

We also offer event video production and still photography for personal or home video productions: weddings, memorial videos, family reunions, or any other special events. Click here for Video Demos.

Our Story

We started in Utah on the 70’s “Donnie & Marie Show.” Moved to Los Angeles for 25 years and worked on projects for Fox, Disney, WB, A&E, ESPN, Comedy Central, MGM … yada yada yada. And now we’re back! Check out our Full Story.

Our Philosophy: Great work quickly.

It’s important to us that all of our clients get the best product in the shortest amount of time possible; and believe us, we’re fast.


Since moving to Utah, we’ve been able to acoustically design and build our latest sound studio, which provides a remarkable listening environment.
Our video editing set-up is ready with professional Avid video editing equipment. We also use the Adobe Creative Suite to create the best visualization possible.

Our Mission

Provide the best quality audio post-production services in the quickest possible time while maintaining an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere for all of our clients and employees.

If it makes a noise, we do it. If it sounds great, we did it.