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The Stewdio: Amazing Sound Design & Video

Today I did a session at The Stewdio with a voice actor who was at her home in Glendale, CA via ISDN. This is how it went down:  I “phone patched” the session to the client in Hollywood where they listened in and approved the VO.  Then I mixed the job and sent a QuickTime for approval to the client in Hollywood along with full quality WAV mix files.

For those who don’t know a ton … or anything … about ISDN or Source-Connect, here is a little explanation: ISDN is a phone line service that allows voice actors to actually be recorded “live” in a remote studio at full quality in real-time. Source-Connect is a ProTools plug-in that does the same thing but over the internet. These methods make it seem as though the voice actors were there at the studio with you.

So, ISDN and Source-Connect is a big deal.  It allows us to use voice talent from anywhere in the world.