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The Stewdio: Sound Design Origins

Our Story

It’s pretty much a one-man show: Blaine. It all started when the Los Angeles native attended Brigham Young University and worked as a sound reinforcement mixer from 1975-1979. While at BYU he sound designed the SFX and mixed 500+ performances of over 25 plays, and recorded classical, jazz, and rock for the university in their recording studios. During this time he trained in acoustical and studio design.

As a communications and music student at the university, Blaine studied music composition and arranging and photography and film production.

In 1979 Blaine started work at Osmond Studios in Orem, Utah and became the Audio Operations Supervisor. He supervised and mixed audio for television and film (production and post-production) and music. He was deeply involved with all aspects of audio production. While there, he designed and built several 24/48 track studios for both television production and music recording.

In 1986, Blaine moved back to California and worked as a freelancer for a few years. During this time, he built two audio post-production studios and established professional relationships with many of the clients he continues to work with today.

From 1989 to 2000, Blaine worked at several different post-production sound studios in the Hollywood/Burbank area. In 2000, he opened his own video/audio post-production studio in Burbank called Post Plus Sound. Using his past experience at BYU, Osmond’s, and AME, he designed and built the audio studios and edit bay at Post Plus Sound.

In 2010, Blaine moved his operation and Hollywood/Burbank clients to Murray, UT and reopened as The Stewdio.